Monday, May 11, 2009


There are many ways of getting someone to do something. For me, manipulation is probably the worst one. I've lived with manipulation for many years and can spot it a mile away. As soon as I see it, I dig in my heels and maintain the opposite position no matter what it takes. I really resent someone trying to force me to do something, especially when they are trying to do it without me realizing it. It seems really disrespectful. It totally disregards my thoughts and feelings in favor of yours. If you respected me you would come right out and ask me. Then I have the choice to say yes or no, and we both have the opportunity to discuss why it is important, or what the consequences may be. I'm naturally pretty easy-going and helpful, but I guess that is when there is mutual respect. If I wouldn't mind doing it, no problem, it gets done. If try to manipulate, it won't get done. If it is something that I wouldn't want to do, you have a much better chance of getting me to do it if you are open, honest, and direct. Otherwise, you can just do it yourself.

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