Thursday, February 12, 2009


I never expected to post a rant, but here it is.
I just read a story on Yahoo about a woman in Southern California, Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets at the end of January. Well, octuplets isn't even the shocking part. The shocking part was learning about her life situation. She has 6 other children, ages 7 and under (so now she has 14 children age 7 or less)! On top of this, she is single, lives with her parents, owes $50,000 in school loans, has been unemployed for several years and is currently collecting several forms of welfare from the state of California. While I can understand finding yourself in a situation where you're temporarily unable to provide for yourself and your family, I do not understand purposely compounding the situation. What in the world is she doing in a fertility clinic? I personally love being a parent and understand and support the whole pursuit of happiness thing, but not at the expense of others. What about personal responsibility? Why should your and my tax dollars be spent on someone who is being so irresponsible. Isn't there some reasonable way to protect society from this kind of insanity without curtailing the freedoms of reasonable people? While I have compasion for them as people and hope that they get the help that they need, I also hope that part of that is getting her the help that she needs to be responsible for her actions.


  1. I agree.
    One thing I am wandering is where she got money to even go to a fertility clinic. I have heard that they are not cheap.
    And if she does not have the money to support the family she has then why would she want to put even more children in the situation.

  2. Rant all you want. I was pretty disgusted when I heard this story, too. Loving children is one thing, but being completely irresposible is another. How will se care for these children. Quite honestly, after seeing art of her interview on some show, I think there is some mental instability there, and I think any fertility clinic should be watching out for that before allowing a woman to go through the process.

  3. Yeah that is really messed up it seems she is just milking the goverment for money they should be spending on parents that actually seem to be trying.

  4. I absolutely agree with you. I find this disturbing and disgusting. Not only are the tax payers paying for her irresponsible acts being affected, but how about her 14 kids? She is a single mother living on welfare and in tremendous debt; there is no way she can love and care for each of them while giving them the time and attention they need. Now, I am merely 18 and most definitely NOT a mother myself, but I have pretty much raised my two younger siblings (due to my parents' hectic schedules) and have worked at my grandma's daycare for over 5 years now and I know how to care for children and what their needs are. And I know there is no way this woman can be meeting all of these needs. She needs to grow up and gain responsibility and take control of her life. Stop living off of everyone else. She is a big girl. Big enough to have all those babies, she should be big enough to be an adult.