Saturday, January 31, 2009

My best friends

OK, so my son has helped me figure this out just a little bit. I actually tried to do a post before this one, but it didn't show up. He also taught me how to put a picture on my profile. Yay! It's not the best one, but I don't have a large inventory of digital photographs of me.
So, I think I'll start with an introduction of my kids, since I'll probably refer to my kids alot while I'm blogging. They all live close and are a HUGE part of my life. I have five children and they are all girls except four. I feel really blessed they all think that I'm cool and like to hang out with me.
The oldest is Dustin. He's the one who helped with the blog. He is 24 years old and married to Megan (who' a sweetie). He's tall and thin and loves learning! When he was 18 he had major surgery at Shriners for Pectus Excavatum and nearly died a couple of times.
Next is Dallin. He's 21 and just got back in October from serving a 2-year mission in Arizona & Texas where he learned to speak spanish fluently. In high school he wrestled and won 2 state championship, one in free-style and one in Greco-Roman which he then went on to the national championships. He also went to the California State championship for collegiate wrestling @ 130 lbs.
Third is Dean. He's 21, same as Dallin. He missed being #2 by only 7 minutes. They are biologically identical, but they diverge from there. Those two have been quite an adventure! I contribute most of the gray hair that I have to them, although the others have each taken their share, including their dad. Anyway, back to Dean. He is currently doing construction, to support his music habit. Dean LOVES music and plays the drums. I am in awe of his natural talent, and I'm not simply biased. He's good. He is always introducing me to different styles of music and "new" bands to share his passion and educate me about what is out there.
Next is Desi, short for Desiree. Her name means long hoped for, which after 3 boys is self-explanitory. She is an amazing daughter. She is 19 and in November, she married Junior, whose real name is Raul. He is originally from Mexico and is a very hard-working, conscientious young man working toward becoming a doctor. Desi is attending FLC for Early Childhood Education while working in pre-school childcare. Megan is also in childcare and they hope to someday open a day-care together.
Lastly, there is Drew. He just turned 18 in November. He's working at Subway and trying to get his car up and running and prepare for the GED.
One of these days I'll see if I can figure out how to add pictures in here.
We all have wacky senses of humor (I wonder how that happened) and laugh like crazy when we're all together. I love that they are honest and open and share their hearts and lives with me. We have learned so much together through the years.
Yes, I have other friends, too, but my children are definitely the best.


  1. awh that is sweet! you have your hands full though :) i'm glad you guys are one big happy family. it's sad to see families not getting along. your daughter got married at nineteen? how long were they together before that? i want to be married young but it seems like people judge you for it. i don't like that. but i think its wonderful!! :))

  2. It sounds like you really adore your family, and that is great. Does the letter "D" in all the names run in your family, or did you and your husband start that tradition? Does he have a D name too? Coincidently, I was almost named Desiree. My dad wanted to name me that, but my mom won with Jennifer...the most common name of the year I was born! Thanks, mom.

  3. I completely agree with melissa! I think family are the best friends you can have. No matter what they have your back and stick up for you and the love is unconditional. Im glad to see your family is so happy and so close to each other. My family is really big (30+ in with cousins aunts and uncles), and everytime we get together its always a fun time. ITs nice to have that support system behind you.

  4. My daughter and her husband started dating 19 months before their marriage. Yeah, people judge, but I think mostly it is out of concern and caring because it is so difficult to make good, lasting decisions of that magnitude when you're young, but it's not impossible. I think with good family guidance and support it is totally possible, tho, usually parents have valuable insights.
    MY husband's name is Dan and he is the oldest of 10 children, whose names all begin with the letter D. He suggested that we continue the tradition and I agreed as long as there were enough left to choose from - I didn't want to duplicate. There were. I have trouble keeping up to date, but on Dan's side of the family I have about 49 nieces and nephews, and still growing. It makes life fun and interesting.
    P.S. - If it weren't for the D thing, there is a high probability that my daughter would have been a Jenny. It was one of two of my favorite names growing up.

  5. LoL, "...and they are all girls except four." I had to read that twice, I like that.
    Your kids all sound awesome! :)